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The most valuable tool an agent needs is a Follow-Up system that tracks everything that you must know and manage about your prospects, clients and transactions.  The Partner Network Follow-Up-Boss (FUB) system reduces your daily workload, minimizes errors, keeps you on-time and improves communication with your prospects and clients.

Most Important – FUB helps you develop new business every day of the year.

Let’s review some features of FUB:

Prospect and Client lists: Agents are “note crazy”.  They use note pads, the backs of envelopes, smart phones and napkins to record important prospect information. Most of which can’t be found when it’s needed.

With FUB you can find any prospect or client information you need via your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or Smartphone.  You can easily find a clients record by name, cell number or email. The information NEVER goes away – unless you choose to delete it.

Communication: FUB lets you communicate with your prospects and clients by Email or Text and keeps a permanent record of what you said to them, and their responses to you.  That means that you can return to FUB at any time and see exactly what you wrote to them and what they wrote to you - and when it was written – a complete THREAD of your conversations.  FUB keeps this information forever – unless you choose to delete it.

Tasks and Calendar: If you have a Home Inspection scheduled for a client – you can enter the date and time as a TASK and the auto Email system in FUB will remind you.  If you enter it on your CALANDAR, the system will send a reminder to your Smartphone.

Another handy function is (example) if you are supposed to collect or submit a second deposit at a future date – FUB will not let you forget to get it done.

Prospect Follow-Up:  Every successful agent knows that unless you constantly stay in touch with a prospect, eventually, most will simply disappear from your radar. They may buy or sell property – just not from you!  FUB addresses this “Lost Prospect” issue in five ways:

[1] Action Plans:  When you enter a new prospect into FUB, you can immediately “kick off” an Action Plan that will send that prospect a series of well written messages (over time and in your name) that attempts to get the prospect engaged in a conversation with you.  The Emails are specifically written for the type of prospect they are – buyer, tenant, seller, FSBO. If the prospect responds to your messages – the messages to them stop immediately – and you take over the conversation.

[2] Automated Leads:  If you are (or will be) purchasing leads from, Zillow, Tulia or others, these leads will instantly and automatically be recorded in FUB for you.  AND FUB will automatically and instantly send the prospect a text message from you AND start an Email “Action Plan” AND send a message to your Smartphone for you to respond to the prospect within one minute.  What does that tell the prospect about the kind of service they can expect from you?

[3] Referrals:  Imagine being able to contact your past clients – one at a time, or all at once – just to say Hi and maybe ask them for referrals!  Top agents tell us that 50% or more of their business comes from referrals. 

[4] Personal Follow Up:  A personal call from you to a past client or prospect can be a game changer, because it’s so personal and thoughtful.  But wouldn’t it be helpful if you could recall what you discussed when you last spoke?  FUB has all of your Emails, Text messages, phone calls and notes since you entered that person in FUB.  How impressive would it be if you could say to an FSBO “Hi Jim, have you made any progress on the sale of your Lake Property since we last spoke in mid January?”   

[5]  Newsletters: Many agents subscribe to services that periodically send Email newsletters to a list of your prospects and clients.  The purpose of these newsletters is to keep your face and contact information in front of them.  The problem is – these newsletters are so general in nature that they may not  interest  the recipient.  That causes them delete your Emails or Unsubscribe to the service.

Instead, FUB allows you to choose the prospects you are sending news to (buyers, sellers, landlords, etc) – as one batch. And because you only want to send information of interest to that specific group – you can tailor the information you send to them. 

Cost:  The cost of FUB is part of a small monthly fee that includes Error & Omissions Insurance and Premier membership in, which provides prospect leads for all of your listings.

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