Licensing and Training Schedules
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CAREERS Training
and Times
Experienced agents joining our company initially participate in a review of their use of systems and technology to determine what Partner benefits could be incorporated into their work habits that would result in increased sales and income.  This initial review sets the direction that further training will take.

Apart from the usual “best practices” that we expect from all Partner agents – the advanced training you receive will be centered on improving the following:

If you’re willing to challenge yourself to working a little differently – to accepting some new methods – we invite you to ask for our Career Information Packet that describes how you can change your real estate practice, your income and perhaps, your life.  You can receive a copy of this packet by clicking Information Packet below.    
One of the documents in this Packet details all of the services that are provided to you by the company and Administrative Assistants.  It will be easy for you to determine for yourself if Partner Network services can increase your sales and income AND if our menu of services compares favorably with the Agency who currently affiliates you.

As an experienced Partner agent, you may sponsor new or experienced agents into our programs. Upon acceptance – management provides intensive initial training for the new agent, with you providing mentoring services to that agent for twelve months.

As a Sponsor/Mentor, you receive compensation for a successful closings completed by your sponsored agents.  The compensation that is paid to you by the company does not reduce the commission received by your sponsored agent.

Obviously, if you sponsor experienced agents into our program, your mentoring time is directed more to teaching these agents our systems as it is about the real estate business.  And, because your sponsored agent is experienced, your mentor income will be substantially greater.

The Partner Network – Unique
Making more effective use of your time
Easing the “paperwork” burden
Improving client & prospect communication
Learning to “work” important leads to produce more sales
Capturing and “nurturing” the mass of leads that are your future business
Using new tools to sell listings in the quickest time possible

Added Opportunity:   Sponsor/Mentor Program
Every bit of systems training that you will receive will have the sole purpose of improving your sales and your take-home commissions.