Retire at your pace
Owner/brokers of small to medium sized real estate firms face the issue of when to retire and what to do when they do retire. How do they maintain their income?  What happens to the agents in their firm that they have worked with for years?  

Retirement from the real estate business is often not age related – it is more often exhaustion dependant.  Brokers reach a point in their ownership when the effort of maintaining the brokerage, managing the agents and paying the bills becomes less rewarding.  The fun is gone!  And, in diminishing markets, their personal income often suffers because of reduced listing and selling efforts.

The Partner Network (TPN) has experience in addressing that dilemma.  We offer the opportunity to scale back, while being rewarded for your years of work.

If you have considered leaving the business, for any reason, TPN offers the ability to “partner” with us in a manner that offers flexibility and choice, based upon your plans for the future.

Retire and don’t work.  TPN can purchase your agency, affiliate your agents and compensate you accordingly.

Retire and work a little.  Be compensated for your agents ongoing volume and generate personal income with list and sell referrals to your former agents.

Retire and work a little more.  Use your years of developed talents to re-establish a high volume of buyers and sellers to boost your personal income, while receiving continuing compensation for the volume your agents produce.  Even more income is available by participating in the TPN mentor and recruitment program.

Some of the benefits you will experience immediately:

•  You will be able to adjust your schedule as you see fit – take a long needed vacation, increase your income with more time for listing and selling, support a favorite charity, visit with your Mom.
•  You will no longer be responsible for maintaining the cost of an office. If you currently rent, your rent will cease.  If you own, you can rent your space to others for increased income.
•  There will be no further equipment to maintain or upgrade, no heating or air condition issues to deal with, no new computers to buy.
•  You will receive maximum compensation for all of your personal closings.
•  You will be compensated for sales made by your current agents and agents that you may affiliate in the future

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