About Us

The Partner Network (TPN) was formed in 2008 as a merger between Partner Properties (Windham County), owned by Rosalie and Lucien Laliberty and Network Real Estate (New London County), owned by Laura and Eric Greenstein.

Each of these agencies were alike in many ways – both were privately owned, each were about the same size and more important, they operated with a very similar culture.

This “partnering” was in response to the bursting bubble in the real estate industry at the time.  The results of the merger produced a significant reduction in costs and considerable improvement in efficiencies.  And, even though the industry was going through dramatic upheavals, TPN not only weathered the storm, but it never once reduced their agent’s commission shares.

After its merger, TPN continued to affiliate new agents.  In fact, two other much admired agencies, Petrowsky Realty World in Plainfield, owned by Brian Andstrom and Monarch Real Estate in Montville, owned by Eve Condron and Alan Berman partnered with TPN to provide security to their agents and clients.

Today, new agents and other agencies continue to explore affiliation with TPN, making TPN a growing family of private companies and individuals seeking to provide excellence in the world of Corporate, Big Box Real Estate.

What makes a Successful agent?

Successful agents come from all walks of life AND, like other professionals, their success comes from investing in their career and working diligently every day at their profession. Do experience, education and drive help?  You bet!   Does a vast array of friends and contacts aid their growth?  You bet!   Does affiliation with an Agency that has every agent’s best interest at heart help?  YES!

Of those new Agents who enter the industry, experience has shown, as much as 50% will leave the business by the end of their second year.  Not a pleasant thought and not one to be taken lightly.  The costs to remain licensed, obtain continuing education, pay Realtor dues, E&O insurance and Multiple Listing fees can reach nearly $2,000 annually.

YET – there are many agents in this business who reach six-figure incomes year after year – even in “down” markets.   These agents are the stars that would succeed in most any other business that they truly love.  And let’s not forget those agents that earn tens of thousands of dollars each year by working a “niche” market, among people they know and trust.  Your TPN Broker will work with you to evaluate the best way to approach and improve your earning potential.


Technology can be an agent’s best friend.  Computers, copiers, scanners, Email, fax’s, software, Multiple Listing Services, smart cell phones, Broker web sites, third party web sites, your own web site, Instanet – you name it – agents use it!

Since most agents do much of their work from home these days, some of this equipment will be needed where you live.  TPN will provide you with special technology that will allow you access to your private information, directly from your home. 

Among its features are:

Web Technology that produces Buyer and Seller leads on a regular basis.
Identify prospects by quality  (a) HOT  (b) Nurture  (c) Not now
Participate in cooperative ads with other agents
Send Direct Mail cards to designated areas or “farms”
Select clients and/or prospects by customer type or Email address
Automatically select properties to advertise and submit to publisher
Print pre-filled single forms of most types from home (or office)
Send “activity reports” to your seller/clients regularly
Maintain your prospect and client list(s)

The purpose is to give you access to much of what you need at home – without having to travel to your office for what proves to be a few minutes of work.

Floor Time

There is no floor time at The Partner Network offices   

Today, almost all listings are advertised with the agent’s cell phone number included
in the ad. Meaning, buyer calls go directly to the listing agent.  Even the listings that appear in multiple real estate web sites direct the prospect back to the listing agent. After all, if you use your time, effort and funds to secure a listing, shouldn’t those prospects that inquire go to you?  We think so.

Our approach is a bit different.  We pay company personnel to answer our phones, preserving our agent’s time to work with buyers and sellers in the listing and sale of property.  After all, your income is earned by making sales, not tending the phone.

SO – what do we do when a call comes in about a listing?  We immediately put that prospect in touch with the listing agent for that property (possibly resulting in a two-side sale).

What if the call is from a possible buyer (or seller) who is not working with an agent?  We assign that prospect an agent on a “round robin” basis.  Everybody get their repeated turns at new business.

Of course, the very best leads you receive are from friends, relatives and former clients.  These leads are most likely to produce a transaction and they will go straight to you.

Nurturing “Leads”

Leads are GOOD!

Let’s challenge you a bit here.   Everybody wants leads.  Everybody wants FREE leads.  Everybody wants free GOOD leads.  Everybody wants free, good leads that produce a TRANSACTION.  Right?

What’s your track record?   How many of the leads that you receive from your agency produce a transaction?   Not as many as you like?   Why?  Because YOU don’t nurture and follow-up with these leads over time!

Oh my Gosh – who’s got time to do that?   You do!   Unless you don’t want new clients. You don’t necessarily need MORE leads – you need to follow up consistently on the ones you have.

Here are some stats that will open your eyes:

2% of sales are made on the first contact
3% of sales are made on the second contact
5% of sales are made on the third contact
10% of sales are made on the fourth contact
80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact

So, if you’re convinced that you need to do a better job at following-up leads, our Follow up Boss gives you full time access to a spectacular lead tracking/nurturing system. It will help you convert many more leads into clients then ever before. 

If you were to join TPN and you do not improve the way you pursue prospects – you’re unlikely to earn a dollar more than where you're affiliated currently! We’d like you to join us if you ARE WILLING to explore adopting new methods and systems.  If you do – you’ll find us to be the “greener grass” on the other side of the fence.

Lets Talk!

Administrative Assistants

Now I’m Excited!

I’m talking to the high volume agents who struggle to keep up with the “service work” that is required in this business.  I won’t try to describe it all, but you know what I’m talking about.  It never ends and it eats away at your productive time.

At TPN we employ Adminstrative Assistants to aid you in many of those tasks.  Their goal is to  lessen your work load, help you keep your clients better informed, prepare marketing materials for you, submit ads – even help with a new listing entry when you're otherwise tied up or overwhelmed.

These Assistants also serve as Quality Control people – helping you with your “best practices” and maintaining our standards for high quality service to our clients..

When you request a Broker meeting, you will be given a summary of those services that these Assistants provide. It will be simple to make a comparison to the services you currently receive.

Commission Shares

Your Favorite Subject!

Idea Training

Idea training is much different than training to learn the nuts and bolts of the Real Estate business – different than learning “best practices”.  It’s even different than learning how to List and Sell.    Naturally, we provide all of that!

Idea Training is sitting in small intimate sessions with a half dozen other agents of various backgrounds and experiences and trading ideas and recent experiences.  It’s amazing what you learn from the experienced people – it’s amazing what the experienced people learn from you.   You will learn something in every session that will help you in your business.

These sessions are usually by invitation and are always moderated by a Managing Broker who does little except to keep the session on track.

Sometime the session has an announced purpose – sometimes not.

Multiple Offices

TPN has offices in Danielson and Norwich – all within a few hundred feet, to one mile from Interstate 395.

Agents have 24/7 access to all offices to work or meet clients (no more Dunkin Donuts meetings).  Offices have conference rooms – faxes, computers, MLS access, scanners and the usual forms you will need.

TPN agents find themselves using one of our other offices whenever they are working with a client from a distant area.

You’ll like the convenience when you need it.

Does your Broker compete?

TPN Broker/Managers DO NOT compete with their agents for business!

The practice at TPN dictates that all property inquiries are routed to the listing agent.  Our goal is to create as many two-side transactions as possible for every listing agent.

In other circumstances – a walk-in, for example – the prospect (buyer or seller) is assigned to an agent that is in the next agent on the “round robin” list. 

If a prospect lead comes in by phone or from one of our many websites, it will be assigned to the next agent on the “round robin” list.  None of these leads are ever taken by the Broker.

Our Brokers DO accept listings and buyers that are developed through their own promotional efforts and from long time clients, relatives and friends - all of whom contact the Broker directly. These leads may be offered at a referral fee.

Special Circumstances:  Occasionally a prospect will contact us who may be interested in the purchase or sale of a “specialty” property – such as commercial or a large land parcel, for example.   In those circumstances, the Broker will assign that prospect to an agent with that special experience.

No Referral Fees:  TPN does not charge our agents a referral fee for any prospect lead provided to them by the agency that is developed through our website.

What about former clients?  The agency maintains a data base of all parties for every transaction. If one of those clients contacts the agency at a later time (even years later), that prospect will be assigned to the same agent that completed the original transaction with that client.   NOTE:  Once again, no referral fees are charged by the agency for these returning clients.

Contractual Agreement

All licensed agents at The Partner Network are Independent Contractors, as they are at almost all agencies nationwide.

When you interview with us, we will give you a copy of our agreement to read. PLEASE READ IT!   You will have questions and we will answer all of them for you.  Once affiliated, either party can terminate the agreement at will.

What if you decide to leave your agency?
If you are currently an active agent and decide to leave your present agency to join another firm. “What happens to your seller and buyer clients?” By law, every buyer and seller agreement you have signed with a client while you were with your current agency, belongs to the Agency.  You have no legal rights to any of that business once you leave.

At some agencies it is their practice to retain that business for themselves.  They will normally pay you a commission for transactions that you have in progress, but, the other buyers and sellers you have been working with, they may retain.  Frankly, the most common reason they want to retain these clients are - To Keep You From Leaving Their Agency!

NOT SO at The Partner Network – If you were to decide to leave our agency the following would occur (with the client’s permission):

  • We would release all of your Buyers from their agreements with us and permit you to take them with you to your new agency.
  • We would release all of your Sellers (listings) from their agreements with us and permit you to take them with you to your new agency.
  • We will, (with your assistance) retain all ongoing transactions and compensate you with your commission upon closing.

Why will we do this?    Because, if we can’t earn your loyalty while you are with us, you deserve our respect if you choose to leave.

The Partner Network

There are dozens of real estate agencies with whom you could affiliate.  Some are Mom & Pop shops (no negative intended).   Others are Corporate Big-Box shops (no negative intended).  Then there’s us.

If you’ve spent thirty minutes studying the information on this web site, you already know all about us.  We’re pretty unique.   We’re a bit old fashioned.  But we’re about as modern as you can get from a technology standpoint.

Best bet is to ask for a Broker meeting, which includes even more information to help with your affiliation decision.   Then, come and sit with us for a talk.  If you’re a “new” agent, we’ll help you fairly evaluate your decision process.  If you’re an old timer in the business, we can discuss what you think you need to “jump start” your business, then we'll go from there!

We’d love to talk with you.

Questions and ANSWERS 
(a)  Your starting commission shares will be from 65 to 85 percent, depending on your experience, your current volume of business and your reputation in the industry.

(b)  Before you join us, together we will decide your commission share.

(c)  Your share percentage can increase as your volume increases.

(d)  Commissions are paid the first workday after the closed file is received.

(e)  Agents contribute a 5% transaction fee on the first $50,000 of gross commissions each year. The maximum you pay annually is $2,500

(f)  There is NO 6% fee paid to any Corporate office

(g)  There are NO desk fees

(h)  There are NO charges for training

(i)  There are NO charges for your "share" of the office expense

(j)  There are NO “mystery” charges to you (or your client) at closing

(k)   There is a $90 monthly fee which covers your E&O insurance and enhanced services for all of your listings on Realtor.com