Licensing and Training Schedules
& Fees
CAREERS Training
and Times
Immediately, upon obtaining your real estate license, you will begin a training regimen that will start you down the road to a successful real estate career.

When you were entered in the Principals and Practices classes, you were training to obtain your real estate license.  Your Initial Training period will prepare you to become proficient in serving the public; insights in real estate ethics, disclosure, understanding and writing contracts, marketing, working with other Realtors, utilizing the Multiple Listing Service.

You will be taught how to engage the talents of your Managing Broker and/or your Mentor, to address the unknowns that come along and the opportunities that will present themselves.

The Initial Training Sessions are mandatory.  You will need to make accommodations in your schedule to attend.  Without completion, you will not have the necessary basics to begin serving the public.

Below is some of the early training you will receive.
CAREERS Training I
Initial Training (upon licensing)



Orientation – Critical issues in real estate - ECAR One full day

Multiple Listing System – using MLS - PARTNER & ECAROne full day

Foundations In Real Estate – Marketing/Systems - ECAR           Three full days

Legal, ethical, moral issues when dealing with clients - PARTNER   One full day

Seller, Buyer & Purchase & Sale documents – PARTNER                  Two Half Days

Mentoring:  Depending on your experience, your Managing Broker will mentor, or assign a mentor, to assist you in learning how to converse with buyer and seller prospects about the purchase or sale of property. Often, mentors will invite you to “shadow” them on buyer or listing visits, to observe a typical presentation.

Information Systems: You will learn how to use our web based systems to prospect for clients, manage your prospect lists, produce pre-filled documents, prepare closing documents and to process buyer and seller prospect leads.  These systems are accessable to Partner Network agents from the office or from your home.